Lease Return Inspections in Wokingham,
Yateley and Other Nearby Locations

At Jay’s Auto Body Repairs, our technicians help you confidently return your leased car. We complete full lease return inspections for motorists in nearby Wokingham, Yateley and other areas of Berkshire and Surrey. With our decades of industry experience, our high-quality lease return inspection reports are available at an honest and affordable price.

In addition to vehicle return inspections, we offer all the services you would expect from a high-end car body repair centre. From car scratch repair and dent removal to non-fault accident repair, we do essential work on your vehicle to restore it back to its best.

If you’ve leased a vehicle from a leasing company near Wokingham or Yateley and you’re planning to return it soon, you must get an independent inspection completed in advance. If not returned in good condition, you could face a fine from the leasing company. Also, by taking your leased vehicle to a car body repair centre, you can have a full wear and tear check and have any damages repaired before returning it.

At Jay’s Auto Body Repairs, our knowledgeable technicians perform full lease return inspections in accordance with BVLA standards. We will perform a series of checks, which include:

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    Body Paint Damage

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    Bumper Fault

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    Cabin Appearance

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    Engine Checking

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    Interior Stains

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    Scratches Tire Condition

Wear and Tear Checks and Repairs

After completing all necessary wear and tear checks on your vehicle, we will produce a lease return inspection report. The report will detail all the identified damage to the bodywork, paintwork, alloys or other parts of the vehicle. Based on these findings, we can provide you with a full estimate of the costs to repair your vehicle before you return it to the leasing company.

For the benefit of all customers who come to us for lease return inspections, Jay’s Auto Body Repairs completes all damage repair work required from the report. At our car body repair centre near Wokingham and Yateley, we complete all repairs in a timely manner, focusing on quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our lease return inspection service is available for leased cars, vans and similar vehicles. We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce the best results for our local customers in Berkshire and Surrey.

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